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if families in your school banded together and committed to delaying giving their children smartphones until after 8th grade. 

Why are parents not getting the outcomes we want? 

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Time and again we are presented with statistics and evidence of the harm caused by smartphones to our children and families yet few people make the commitment to delay giving their children smartphones until it is developmentally appropriate. Parents overwhelmingly think that internet access at all times and in all places is inappropriate for kids yet societal pressure and convenience often wins out.   Smart Families addresses the practical realities of how we got here.

At Smart Families

Unified Community

We help schools and families create a unified community with consistent expectations to make lives easier for parents and children.​


We provide the professional leadership to execute on a proven plan that has worked at other schools. We work with busy parents and staff at schools but we have the time and subject matter expertise it takes to challenge the status quo.


We affirm what parents already know in their heart, that smartphones are bad for our children and parents have a moral obligation to protect their children from these dangers and addictions.

Navigating Peer Pressure!

 Smart Families was honored to welcome Melanie, an extraordinary and empowered teenager, who generously shared her personal experience, providing valuable insights into navigating pressure within today's digital landscape.

Unplugged Wisdom: Hear from Melanie on her smartphone experiences as a high school student.

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Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston Catholic Schools

In a bold display of leadership, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston has launched the Smart Families Shaping Souls campaign in 19 schools in the fall of 2023.  Our program coordinators will be working directly with parents and staff to create communities that value and protect the God given human dignity of every child.

Layne F.

My 5th grader was quite unhappy when he first heard that we had signed the Smart Pledge. But guess what?? I don’t care!!! My job as a parent is to keep him safe, secure and as socially and emotionally adjusted as possible, not happy every moment of his life!!
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