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Family Values Worksheet

Documenting your family values serves as a powerful tool to clearly convey their significance to your loved ones. Moreover, it empowers family members, instilling feelings of strength, control, and pride. It fosters a sense of love, unity, and empathy towards others. "Recording family values can heighten pain resistance, bolster self-discipline, and diminish counterproductive contemplation following stressful events," asserts Kelly McGonigal, a renowned psychologist from Stanford. While external influences are inevitable, remaining steadfast in your principles and making choices that resonate with your values are essential for authentic development and well-being.

How to create your own family values!

  • Schedule a time that suits everyone in your family.

  • Choose a cozy space that accommodates all family members or opt for a refreshing outdoor setting!

  • Set aside 30 minutes for this meaningful family gathering.

  • Prepare by printing out the Family Values Worksheet along with a list of possible family values.

  • Encourage each family member to take turns sharing their most cherished family values.

  • Decide together which values hold the deepest significance for you all.

  • Remember, the list is just a starting point! Embrace the unique and creative values that emerge from your family's discussion, as these insights can be incredibly enriching.


Nurture your family's core values right in the comfort of your home! Explore the Smart Families values template for inspiration. 

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