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Where is the line your family won’t cross?

This isn’t controversial, your child should not have access to the internet everywhere at all times.

The Smart Families Mission

It is the mission of Smart Families to help communities create a happier, healthier and more intentional lifestyle for families that engage with technology in a manner that is respectful of our innate human dignity. 


We provide world class education on neuroscience and physiology to both parents and children to help them navigate the dangers surrounding all forms of manipulative uses of information technology. We empower families with the practical support and the leadership required to change the status quo.


One family cannot do this alone. We know that almost all parents already want to do this, but current trends show they are succumbing earlier and earlier to the incrementalism of technology creep and peer pressure. There is strength in numbers. The first step is to create a unified community at your school with common expectations of no smartphones until at least after 8th grade.

Let us help you with the right tools needed to successfully make a positive change for all families in your community.

Answer the call and take the Smart Pledge!

How We Started

A letter from our Co-Founder, Jennifer Kuzma.

Letter from Co-Founder.png


Reasons to delay giving your child(ren) a smartphone.

Playing with Mobile Phone

Smartphones are engineered to be addictive

Digital addiction during childhood and adolescence causes functional damage to the brain.

Child on Smartphone

Smartphones increase anxiety and depression

8th graders who use social media are 27% more likely to be depressed.

Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone

Smartphones expose children to pornography

The average age of first exposure is 12 years old with some reporting as young as 7. Pornography induces the same dopamine response as cocaine.

Kids Running

Better lives without smartphones

Our children deserve human connection because of their God given human dignity.

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